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Reconstructive Surgery

Improve symmetry and correct a variety of medical or aesthetic concerns. 

Reconstructive Surgery

Improve symmetry and correct a variety of medical or aesthetic concerns. 

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Reconstructive Surgery in Boulder, CO, with Dr. Goldman

Reconstructive surgery is an intricate procedure that directly addresses specific issues due to trauma and injuries. In addition, reconstructive surgery is also an excellent option for restoring concerns that are caused by disease or injury.
If you require reconstructive surgery, trust an expert surgeon like Dr. Goldman of Boulder Valley Laser and Cosmetic in Boulder, CO. Dr. Goldman is an expert board-certified reconstructive surgeon capable of addressing and performing intricate surgeries on a wide array of medical concerns and issues, specifically pertaining to trauma cases. To learn more about what this complex surgery addresses and corrects, the different types of reconstructive surgeries, and to determine if Dr. Goldman can help you, call us now at 970-572-9674 for a surgical consultation.

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Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

The Different Types of Reconstructive Surgery Available at Boulder Valley Laser & Cosmetic

Reconstructive surgery options are available with Dr. Goldman of Boulder Valley Laser & Cosmetic. These surgeries include:

Breast Reconstruction & Reduction

Breast reconstruction is typically performed after a full or partial mastectomy. This method of reconstructive surgery is also available for those who have received a breast augmentation that has left their breasts misshapen or uneven. Additionally, if a woman wants to remove implants, they can do so with breast reconstruction to have the implant removed and their breasts fixed.

Breast reduction is another reconstructive surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty. This surgery is often needed if you experience consistent discomfort from a set of heavy, large breasts. Discomfort often includes but is not limited to back pain and rashes under the breast.

Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is available after a serious accident, injury, or trauma. Sometimes, this is a viable surgical option if you have had a tumor resection. This surgery treats facial deformity on the nose, eyelid/orbital, or ear. It is also available for facial palsy, complex craniofacial trauma, disfigurement, and acquired facial deformities, including vascular, skeletal, lymphatic, or substance misuse.

Facial Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer is a common cancer affecting millions of men and women. People struggling with skin cancer of the face have a difficult time. Not only do they have to deal with the cancer, but the treatment and removal can affect their facial features. Unfortunately, the damage you experience due to skin cancer can never entirely be undone or healed. In addition, no type of surgery can be performed and not leave at least a minimal scar. However, facial reconstruction for skin cancer is available to return the patient’s facial form and function to as close to normal as possible.

How Reconstructive Surgery Works

Unlike cosmetic plastic surgery, which aims to improve the appearance of facial features, reconstructive surgery corrects and repairs significant abnormal structures and tries to restore normal functionality to preserve or restore the aesthetic characteristics of the face. As previously mentioned, these abnormalities or concerns are often due to congenital disabilities, such as cleft lips or palates, or they are possibly due to illness or injury.

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with Dr. Goldman helps you achieve a more normal, restored appearance and erases the stigma often associated with the conditions mentioned above.

Reconstructive Surgery Before and Afters*

The reconstructive surgery before and after images show the results possible after surgery with an expert surgeon like Dr. Goldman. He is one of the best surgeons for trauma patients and you can see in the images, he is good at what he does in terms of addressing and correcting specific trauma concerns.

*Results may vary

Why Select Dr. Goldman for Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Goldman is a renowned double-board-certified diplomat of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In addition, Dr. Goldman is also a diplomat of the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. Boulder Valley Skin and Laser Center is proud to have Dr. Goldman available for reconstructive surgery. He is a viable expert at performing various cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, including trauma cases. In fact, Dr. Goldman is one of the leading trauma surgeons in the country. If you require this specialized type of surgery and only want to receive care from an expert, Dr. Goldman is the best surgeon available. During your consultation with the doctor, he listens to your cares, concerns, and goals. He works hard to tailor each surgery to fit the patient’s specific needs so they receive optimal results.
"Beauty is a journey of self-discovery, not a destination."


Reconstructive Surgery FAQs

Reconstructive surgery is actually a form of plastic surgery. This surgery aims to correct or repair problems caused by injury, trauma, or illnesses.

It depends on the specific requirements of your surgical procedure. 

Reconstructive surgery results last indefinitely unless you need multiple surgeries to fix a concern. As always, individual experiences will vary based on their reconstructive surgery needs and aesthetic goals.*

The main goal of reconstructive surgery with Dr. Goldman in Boulder, CO, is to improve body function. However, reconstructive surgery may also be done to create a natural appearance, improve symmetry, and improve self-esteem. No matter your reason, Dr. Goldman’s primary goal in each reconstructive surgery to help you feel and look your best no matter the trauma or reason for the surgery.

For most people, they can resume their normal activities in about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the unique parameters of your surgery. Dr. Goldman and his team of experts will ensure you receive the best care and recovery guidelines to ensure you heal quickly and efficiently.

Experience Reconstructive Surgery with Dr. Goldman

“I am a long-standing patient of Doctor Goldman’s whom I first consulted for a facelift in 2012. Looking freshened and delighted with the results, I returned last year for another surgery which made how I looked match the way I felt. Before, during, and following both procedures Dr. Goldman was attentive, answered questions, and inquired about my comfort. Because of increased wrinkling around my lower face, last week I underwent the Ellacor procedure. Dr. Goldman continued to be his attentive and concerned self. I must add that his staff is delightful! “
– Aimee L.

“Dr. Goldman is great and has always gone above and beyond to take care of me! He’s got a great bedside manner and regularly checks in to make sure. I understand the treatment plan and don’t have additional questions. I’ve been very happy with Dr. Goldman and would 100% recommend him!

– Lauren C.
“I had a blepharoplasty done in early August by Dr. Goldman, and I am loving the result! I was nervous at first, but Dr. Goldman was patient and attentive, not to mention skilled at his job. The procedure went quickly and was painless. It took about three weeks for me to recover (puffy/swollen eyes and bruising) and for major differences to appear. I would stress that constant icing is critical in the initial healing process. It’s a process I readily recommend, and Dr. G is a pro!”
– Louise T.
“I have been coming to Boulder Valley Laser & Cosmetic for over 6 months now for lasers and love my experience here! The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly, I always feel taken care of. I can’t wait for my next treatment!”
Kyilee P.
Beautiful woman with flawless skin.

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