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Deep Neck Lift

Reduce your double chin and achieve a shapelier, more defined neckline.

Deep Neck Lift

Reduce your double chin and achieve a shapelier, more defined neckline.

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Neck Lift in Boulder, CO

Deep Plane Neck Lift and Lower Rhytidectomy Available

Neck lift surgery (lower rhytidectomy) is a procedure that lifts the neck, reduces built-up neck fat or jowls, and corrects the shape of the neck. It is for people who cannot solve their neck issues with liposuction. Neck lifts do what liposuction cannot; they target the deeper neck structures that cause issues in the first place.

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Benefits of a Neck Lift

A neck lift can give patients various benefits, from contouring and sculpting to even defining the shape of their necks. They can also:

How the Neck’s Anatomy is Laid Out

Necks consist of the skin, fat, muscles, glands, and bone layers. Every layer adds to the neck and chin’s appearance of double folds of fat or sagging.

Often, neck issues vary. Some people experience muscle or superficial fat problems, while others face deep fat or gland problems. The layers work together to make up the neck’s overall appearance.

This layout of layers is very complex. Only certain physicians understand how to address each layer best in order to perform Lower Rhytidectomies that refresh and renew the look of your neck. Dr. Goldman is trained to find which layers are causing uneven necks. He is equipped to go through layer by layer to get to the root of the problem.

These skills are why Dr. Goldman is uniquely qualified to do this complicated procedure.

What to Expect When You Have a Neck Lift

The steps below do not always occur with every patient. Dr. Goldman treats every patient uniquely and takes the steps necessary to give them optimal results. While each patient experience is different, the steps below show how the deep neck lift procedure can typically be performed.

Step 1: 

Dr. Goldman creates an incision under the chin when he performs neck lift surgeries. The length can vary, but patients usually cannot notice scarring after they heal.

Step 2:

After Dr. Goldman forms the incision, he focuses on lessening the superficial fat. When he does this, he reduces the overall buildup of fat that adds to double chins. He often uses liposuction to do this.

Step 3:

Dr. Goldman makes small incisions behind the earlobe to sculpt the jawline with liposuction to ensure the best results. Liposuction is used because it tightens the upper skin over time.

Step 4:

After that, Dr. Goldman tackles the deeper neck fat. He removes this type of fat with excision. Oftentimes, he specifically reduces the central neck fat right under the chin.

Step 5:

Then, he turns his attention to the deep neck muscles and glands. In many instances, he will tighten the platysma muscles (deep neck muscles) together in the middle of the neck. When he does this, he lifts the neck to appear more youthful.

In addition, Dr. Goldman releases tension in the deeper structural tissues of the neck. He repositions these tissues, above and below the muscular layer, for a more smooth, defined, attractive neckline and jawline contour. 

How Deep Plane Neck Lifts Work

Dr. Goldman also offers deep plane neck lifts, more advanced than a regular lower rhytidectomy surgery. The deep plane neck lift surgery firms, sculpts, and tones the neck’s contours. This neck surgery lifts neck layers to attain smoothness that extends to all neck areas, like skin, muscle, fat, glands, and connective tissue. Patients can achieve a more refined, polished neck and jawline with this intricate procedure.

Neck Lift Before and After*

These deep neck lift before and after pictures show how neck surgery can remodel patients’ necks. As with any procedure, results are different for everyone.* However, as you can see below, patients often gain visible neck improvements, such as a thinner-looking neck, firmer skin, less sagging skin, and a more youthful appearance overall.

*Results may vary

Neck Lift Surgery Results*

Your lifestyle, skincare, sun protection, and genetics impact surgical results. In addition, as people age, they may seek more treatments to address any newfound issues that naturally arise with time.

However, in general, neck lift surgeries are a long-lasting procedure. Most people find that their neck does not require more reshaping. Like any procedure, results can vary.*


Neck Lift Surgery FAQs

Ideal neck lift candidates are those who:

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not have any serious medical problems
  • Are in good physical health
  • Have had reduced jawline definition over time
  • Exhibit laxity or sagging of the neck structures and tissues
  • Can maintain realistic standards for what a neck lift is and isn’t able to do

Get a Neck Lift with the Expert Dr. Goldman in Boulder, CO

“I am a long-standing patient of Doctor Goldman’s whom I first consulted for a facelift in 2012. Looking freshened and delighted with the results, I returned last year for another surgery which made how I looked match the way I felt. Before, during, and following both procedures Dr. Goldman was attentive, answered questions, and inquired about my comfort. Because of increased wrinkling around my lower face, last week I underwent the Ellacor procedure. Dr. Goldman continued to be his attentive and concerned self. I must add that his staff is delightful! “
– Aimee L.

“Dr. Goldman is great and has always gone above and beyond to take care of me! He’s got a great bedside manner and regularly checks in to make sure. I understand the treatment plan and don’t have additional questions. I’ve been very happy with Dr. Goldman and would 100% recommend him!

– Lauren C.
“I had a blepharoplasty done in early August by Dr. Goldman, and I am loving the result! I was nervous at first, but Dr. Goldman was patient and attentive, not to mention skilled at his job. The procedure went quickly and was painless. It took about three weeks for me to recover (puffy/swollen eyes and bruising) and for major differences to appear. I would stress that constant icing is critical in the initial healing process. It’s a process I readily recommend, and Dr. G is a pro!”
– Louise T.
“I have been coming to Boulder Valley Laser & Cosmetic for over 6 months now for lasers and love my experience here! The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly, I always feel taken care of. I can’t wait for my next treatment!”
Kyilee P.
Beautiful woman with flawless skin.

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