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Strengthen your pelvic floor to relieve urinary incontinence and regain bladder control.


Strengthen your pelvic floor to relieve urinary incontinence and regain bladder control.

Emsella in Boulder, CO

Treat Urinary Incontinence and Improve Intimate Wellness

Incontinence is just one possible symptom of a weak pelvic floor. A surprising number of people suffer from this and other issues associated with weak pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately, these muscles are often tough to target and strengthen. Unlike the other muscles of the body, they’re tucked away and often forgotten about until their weakness causes physical issues. That’s where the Emsella Kegel chair comes into play. It sends high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy into the pelvic floor muscles. The energy triggers deep muscle contractions equivalent to thousands of Kegel exercises.

At Boulder Valley Laser and Cosmetic, we recommend the Emsella pelvic floor chair to people with incontinence. One of the most attractive aspects of this treatment is that it is completely noninvasive. It is also a pain-free solution to common pelvic floor issues. If you experience painful sex, have prostate cancer, or suffer from any other pelvic floor issues, Emsella may be the answer. To schedule a consultation or appointment, call us at 970-572-9674.

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Treat Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition that leads to loss of bladder control. It can happen to both men and women. People who have this condition experience uncontrolled urine leaks. There are four possible types of urinary incontinence:
  1. Stress Incontinence: This happens when urine leaks due to pressure. This could be caused by laughing, sneezing, coughing, and exercising.
  2. Urge Incontinence: People with urge incontinence may feel a sudden and urgent need to urinate. However, they often don’t have time to make it to the bathroom.
  3. Functional Incontinence: This is when physical or mental impairment makes it difficult to get to the toilet “on time.” Someone with arthritis, for example, may struggle to remove their bottoms quickly enough to avoid going in their pants.
  4. Overflow Incontinence: This happens when the bladder doesn’t empty itself while on the toilet. Therefore, the affected person may experience frequent urine dripping while not on the toilet.
Any of these types of incontinence can lead to distress and embarrassment. They can also impact sleep quality if the affected person runs to the bathroom frequently at night. For people who experience these issues, it’s worth seeking treatment. The Emsella chair for incontinence is a great place to start. It activates motor neurons in the pelvic floor and helps reduce urinary incontinence. The treatment is FDA-cleared for urge incontinence and stress incontinence. It can also help improve vaginal laxity and men’s prostate issues. A single session may not deliver noticeable results. However, a series of treatments can significantly improve pelvic muscle strength and urine control.

Emsella Benefits

The Emsella pelvic floor chair offers a gentle, non-embarrassing way to deal with incontinence. Most people don’t know they can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles by simply sitting in a chair. Of course, you should plan to do regular Kegel exercises after Emsella to continue enjoying this treatment’s results. The BTL Emsella chair is non-painful. It addresses incontinence and other pelvic floor issues without surgical interventions. Here are some of the top ways this gentle treatment can benefit you:

Emsella For Sexual Health

Emsella offers a game-changing solution for enhancing sexual health and intimacy. This innovative therapy targets the pelvic floor muscles, effectively addressing issues like urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and sexual dysfunction. By strengthening the pelvic floor, Emsella not only improves bladder control and overall pelvic health, but also revitalizes sexual wellness. Many patients report increased sexual satisfaction, heightened sensitivity, and enhanced orgasms after undergoing Emsella treatments. Rediscover your confidence and intimacy with this groundbreaking technology, unlocking a new chapter of sexual vitality and well-being. Say goodbye to the limitations of age or childbirth and say hello to a more fulfilling and passionate life.

Emsella Results*

Many of our Emsella patients experience excellent results. They appreciate that the Emsella incontinence chair is so comfortable and doesn’t cause any pain. Most people experience optimal urinary incontinence results after a series of six treatments.1 However, individual results will vary.*

How to Prepare for Emsella Treatment

You shouldn’t wear any jewelry or metal accessories to your Emsella Kegel chair appointment. Metal will interact with the chair, which uses the same type of magnet as an MRI. You should also try to wear sweats or other clothing without metal buttons or zippers. You will remain fully clothed throughout your treatment.

Your Emsella appointment won’t be long (around 30 minutes). But you may still want to bring some form of entertainment to keep you from getting bored. We recommend bringing a book or magazine. We don’t recommend bringing your cell phone because the powerful magnet in the Emsella chair could damage electronics.

Emsella Treatment: What to Expect

Before we help you schedule your first Boulder Emsella appointment, we’ll meet with you for a consultation. We’ll invite you to tell us what pelvic floor concerns you have and also ask some background questions to make sure you’re generally in good health and are a good candidate for treatment. Then, we’ll let you know how many treatments we recommend for your individual case.

You don’t need to worry about changing into a medical gown during your pelvic floor chair appointment, you can wear whatever clothes you arrive in. We’ll invite you to sit on a comfortable, gently vibrating chair. You may feel deep muscle contractions along your pelvic floor. Some people describe a tingly sensation. This is similar to what you’d feel from a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine.

Emsella Aftercare

After your Emsella Kegel chair appointment, you may experience some soreness. This is natural and caused by the rapid contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. However, the soreness should subside completely within a matter of days. Some people may also experience localized muscle spasms and skin redness. All of these symptoms should be mild and shouldn’t interfere with your ability to return to normal activities right after treatment.


Emsella FAQs

You may notice some improvement in your incontinence symptoms immediately after Emsella treatment. However, we recommend a series of treatments to get the best treatment outcome.

The cost of Emsella treatments will vary per person.* We recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss prices in detail with your provider to determine the best treatment plan to achieve optimal results at the most affordable price. 

Improve Pelvic Floor Strength With Emsella Treatments

Emsella treatments can reduce incontinence issues without invasive surgery. Whether you have trouble making it to the toilet or you experience painful sex, this treatment could be ideal for your needs. To schedule your appointment, call Boulder Valley Laser and Cosmetic at 970-572-9674.

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