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HALO Laser Treatment

Stimulate collagen to improve skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and clarity for all skin types.

HALO Laser Treatment
Stimulate collagen and improve skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and clarity for all skin types.

Experience Skin Rejuvenation Using HALO Laser Treatments in Boulder, CO

Human skin cells go through a constant process of aging and replenishing. However, this process is slow and may lead to dull, dead skin cells sitting on your skin’s surface for too long. If your complexion looks dull and betrays your age, you may wonder what treatments can help. HALO skin rejuvenation in Boulder, CO, is a gentle and effective option. This revolutionary treatment restores your youthful glow and can make your skin look young and healthy.

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HALO Skin Rejuvenation Benefits

There are many skin rejuvenation treatments that are usually, they’re divided into two categories: ablative and non-ablative. The ablative options can be quite severe and lead to long healing times. The non-ablative options are much less invasive but deliver less dramatic results. HALO is a unique treatment that combines both, ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. It utilizes the best features of both options, including exceptional results with minimal downtime. Here are some additional treatment benefits:

HALO Before and After*

HALO laser skin resurfacing offers dramatic results despite being a non-surgical treatment. View before and after images to see real patient results and notice how much more youthful people look after receiving HALO treatments. Remember, people respond differently to the same cosmetic procedures. It’s normal for individual treatment results to vary.*

*Results may vary
Beautiful woman with flawless skin.
Beautiful woman with flawless skin.

How HALO Laser Treatments Work

The HALO laser sends ablative and non-ablative light wavelengths into the skin. The combined wavelengths penetrate deeply into the skin while also addressing surface-level concerns. One of the most unique features of a HALO laser facial is that it combines both, heat and integrated cooling. The state-of-the-art device delivers cold air directly to the treatment area to reduce discomfort from the hot laser light. This helps keep the skin’s surface cool, so it doesn’t get damaged during treatment.

The HALO device emits light to treatment areas, creating micro-traumas to the subcutaneous skin layers. This is an important part of the treatment process because it stimulates the body to take healing action. The body responds to the micro-traumas by sending increased blood and nutrients to the area. It also ramps up its production of collagen to repair the skin and the end result is a smoother, more vibrant complexion.

Prepare for Your HALO Laser Treatment

If you’ve scheduled a HALO skin resurfacing appointment, you should do a few things before your treatment. Here’s a timeline of when and what to do to prepare for your laser treatment session.

1 Week Before Treatment
You may also need to take specific medications before and after your HALO skin rejuvenation treatment. Take them as directed to avoid complications and ensure the best treatment outcome.

2 Weeks Before Treatment

HALO Laser Skin Resurfacing: What to Expect During Treatment

During your treatment, we’ll apply a water-based gel to your skin. We may also numb the treatment area with topical anesthetic cream. This will help ensure your comfort throughout your appointment. However, it is natural to feel minor discomfort and heat as the laser light penetrates your skin. Most people describe the hot sensation as intense but not painful. For most people, a full facial treatment takes around 20 minutes.

HALO Laser Aftercare

After your appointment, your face may be tender and red. It may look and feel like you’ve received a severe sunburn. However, your symptoms should fade on their own in hours. About 24 hours after your treatment, you shouldn’t feel any residual pain. However, your skin will likely feel rough or tight as it heals. You may also notice dark spots in the treated area. These are microscopic epithelial necrotic debris (MENDS), which are harmless and occur due to the microscopic wounds caused by the HALO treatment.

A few days after your appointment, your skin will begin to shed but don’t let this alarm you. It’s a natural part of the process and necessary to eliminate old, dull skin cells. Once the old cells are gone, your face will look radiant and youthful. To protect your results and avoid developing irregular pigmentation, always protect your skin with sunscreen and avoid prolonged sun exposure.


HALO Laser Facial FAQs

Prices for HALO treatments in Boulder can vary quite a bit. We also have different price points for Halo treatments depending on the intensity of the treatment. During a consultation, you can discuss the various treatments to determine which is best for your skin. 

You should be able to see some skin improvements within a few days of your treatment. However, it takes time for the body to heal itself and build new collagen and your results will continue to develop over a few months.

The results of a series of HALO treatments should last for years. Many people choose to schedule maintenance appointments every few years to continue enjoying the benefits of this skin rejuvenation treatment.

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“I am a long-standing patient of Doctor Goldman’s whom I first consulted for a facelift in 2012. Looking freshened and delighted with the results, I returned last year for another surgery which made how I looked match the way I felt. Before, during, and following both procedures Dr. Goldman was attentive, answered questions, and inquired about my comfort. Because of increased wrinkling around my lower face, last week I underwent the Ellacor procedure. Dr. Goldman continued to be his attentive and concerned self. I must add that his staff is delightful! “
– Aimee L.

“Dr. Goldman is great and has always gone above and beyond to take care of me! He’s got a great bedside manner and regularly checks in to make sure. I understand the treatment plan and don’t have additional questions. I’ve been very happy with Dr. Goldman and would 100% recommend him!

– Lauren C.
“I had a blepharoplasty done in early August by Dr. Goldman, and I am loving the result! I was nervous at first, but Dr. Goldman was patient and attentive, not to mention skilled at his job. The procedure went quickly and was painless. It took about three weeks for me to recover (puffy/swollen eyes and bruising) and for major differences to appear. I would stress that constant icing is critical in the initial healing process. It’s a process I readily recommend, and Dr. G is a pro!”
– Louise T.
“I have been coming to Boulder Valley Laser & Cosmetic for over 6 months now for lasers and love my experience here! The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly, I always feel taken care of. I can’t wait for my next treatment!”
Kyilee P.
Beautiful woman with flawless skin.

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