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Hormone Therapy for Men
Restore hormone levels, boost energy, and enhance strength and sexual wellness.
Hormone Therapy for Men
Restore hormone levels, boost energy, and enhance strength and sexual wellness.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men in Boulder, CO

As men grow older, it’s natural for their hormone levels to fluctuate. Specifically, men aged 30 and above tend to experience a yearly testosterone decrease of up to 3%. Fortunately, decreasing testosterone levels don’t always cause symptoms. Most men can experience a steady decline of this hormone for several years before experiencing any symptoms. However, at some point, plummeting hormone levels will eventually lead to unwanted symptoms, including reduced sex drive, anxiety, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. Hormone replacement therapy for aging men can help reduce many of these symptoms.

Boulder Valley Laser and Cosmetic is a trusted BioTE hormone replacement therapy provider for men, with many people come to us when choosing a hormone replacement specialist for men. Unlike traditional HRT, BioTE hormone replacement therapy uses bio-identical hormones for male hormones. This means they’re more likely to work well with the body’s chemistry. They may also cause milder side effects than those caused by traditional HRT. If you’re interested in hormone therapy for men’s health, we encourage you to call us at 970-572-9674. We can tell you everything you need to know about this leading treatment for male hormone optimization.

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Benefits of BioTE Hormone Replacement for Men

It can be challenging to live with a hormone imbalance. Men with low testosterone often feel depressed, tired, and irritable. They may lose their vigor for life and feel less confident in their ability to perform sexually. These symptoms can reduce self-esteem and quality of life, and negatively impact personal and professional relationships. HRT may be a good option for those who no longer want to deal with these symptoms. Here are some of the most notable BioTE hormone therapy benefits:

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms in Men

It’s easy to attribute hormone imbalance symptoms to something else. For example, fatigue from too little testosterone could be mistaken for an illness or insufficient sleep. However, if you’re familiar with some of the most common male hormone imbalance symptoms, you’re more likely to recognize them when they happen to you. Here are some of the top indications your hormones are out of balance:

Though hot flashes are most commonly associated with menopause in women, men can also experience them. They can occur in cases of severe hypogonadism (when testosterone levels are deficient). To avoid the above symptoms, consider receiving BioTE hormone optimization for men’s wellness.

How BioTE Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Works

Traditionally, hormone therapy replacement takes many forms, including pills, patches, creams, and pellets. All of these contain testosterone, though it may or may not be a bioidentical type. BioTE male hormone replacement therapy only comes in pellet form. The pellets always contain bioidentical testosterone that’s more likely to mesh well with the body. These pellets are carefully formulated to meet each patient’s physiological needs, and this level of customization is only possible because of the extensive lab work we perform as part of each BioTE treatment. Hormone therapy for men’s sexual health may not be the right solution for everyone, which is why we always take great care to consider BioTE hormone replacement therapy candidacy for men before recommending this treatment.

Understanding the BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy Process for Men

The BioTE hormone replacement therapy process is unique. The pellets are custom-made with compounded hormones and binders, and the production facilities must meet high-quality standards. Finished products must meet specifications for sterility, potency, and endotoxins. We insert the pellets into the body, slowly dissolving and releasing bioidentical hormones.

These pellets are often inserted into the upper buttocks through a small incision. Prior to insertion, we numb the incision site with a topical anesthetic. Afterward, we cover the incision site with a bandage while it heals. Pellets usually last anywhere between three and six months before requiring replacement. Absorption rate depends on weight, gender, metabolism, and the degree of hormone deficiency per patient.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Results*

There are many male hormone therapy success stories from patients who have received BioTE hormone replacement. Our patients often experience improved energy and vitality after taking BioTE hormone therapy. The BioTE hormone therapy testimonials from men are compelling, as they illustrate how impressive BioTE hormone replacement therapy results can be. As with all HRT treatments, individual results may vary.*

BioTE Hormone Replacement Risks for Men

The complication rate of testosterone pellets is quite low at less than 3%.1 The most common complication is the extrusion of the pellet over time. Other possible side effects include:

If you experience any of these symptoms, let us know and we can always adjust your dosage for your comfort. Serious side effects are rare but possible. They can include increased risk of stroke, blood clots, certain cancers, and heart disease. Male hormone therapy follow-up and maintenance are essential for maintaining your results while monitoring any concerning symptoms.


BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQs

BioTE hormone replacement therapy for men’s longevity may be better than traditional HRT. It’s made from molecules with the same structure as human hormones. They are usually derived from soy, yam, and other plants. It’s believed that the body responds more favorably to bioidentical hormones than their synthetic counterparts.

The cost for BioTe hormone replacement therapy pellets varies by provider. To learn more about pricing, schedule a consultation with us.

Schedule BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men

Hormone therapy for energy and vitality in men could potentially change your life. Hormones control so many different processes in the body. When imbalanced, they can make you feel like another person. If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment, we invite you to call us at 970-572-9674. We can help you schedule a hormone replacement therapy consultation for men.

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