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Reduce the appearance of prominent ears and improve symmetry.


Reduce the appearance of prominent ears and improve symmetry.

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Otoplasty in Boulder, CO

Safe Cosmetic Ear Surgery for Reshaping and Repositioning the Ears

Otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a safe procedure that helps reshape, reposition, and resize the ears. If you are someone who deals with your ears sticking out from your head, or you possibly have misshapen ears due to genetics or an injury, Otoplasty can help correct these concerns.

If you are unhappy with the way your ears look and are considering Otoplasty, contact expert surgeon Dr. Goldman. Dr. Goldman has over 20 years of experience and can help you achieve optimal results with limited downtime. Call Dr. Goldman at Boulder Valley Laser and Cosmetic now to schedule your consultation and learn more. Call 970-572-9674 to schedule yours now.

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Otoplasty Ear Surgery Benefits

The Different Types of Otoplasty

There are a few different types of Otoplasty procedures. These include ear pinning, ear reduction, and ear augmentation.

Ear pinning: This type of Otoplasty is used if you have prominent ears that stick out. Ear pinning aims to bring the ears closer to the sides of the head while also reshaping malformed cartilage.

Ear reduction: Ear reductions are perfect for people with large or oversized ears (macrotia). During this procedure, the doctor removes tissue to make your ears smaller.

Ear augmentation: Sometimes people have misshapen ears, small ears, or ears that are not developed, known as microtia, which usually needs cartilage or tissue grafting. Ear Augmentation aims to increase the outer portion of the ear. 

What to Expect During Ear Surgery

Before your Otoplasty surgery, you will meet with Dr. Goldman to discuss your goals in depth. Otoplasty is often done in a hospital setting or an outpatient facility. Usually, Dr. Goldman can do most otoplasties in the office under local anesthesia. 

The specific Otoplasty techniques used by Dr. Goldman will depend on your body and exact goals. Dr. Goldman tailors this surgery to meet your unique needs and ensure you achieve the aesthetic goals you have in mind. The specific technique determines the location of the incisions.

The doctor can make incisions on the backs of the ears or within the inner creases of the ears.

After he makes the incisions, Dr. Goldman removes excess cartilage and skin. He then folds the cartilage into the proper position and secures it with internal stitches. Additional stitches can be used to close the incisions.

Otoplasty Before and After*

The Otoplasty before and after images show real people experiencing genuine ear surgery results. As always, results will vary.* However, each person pictured achieves noticeable improvements to their ear shape, size, and symmetry.
*results may vary

Otoplasty Aftercare and Recovery*

After your Otoplasty ear surgery, your ear will be covered in bandages to keep them safe and supported as you recover. Most people report feeling slight discomfort and itching post-op. 

To keep pressure off the ears, Dr. Goldman will have you wear a headband or bandage for 4-6 weeks to make sure the ears do not get bent the wrong way while sleeping during the initial healing phase. Consider wearing button-down shirts or loose-fitting clothes that sit over your head easily.

Dr. Goldman will give you detailed aftercare instructions before you leave post-ear surgery. Your stitches may need to be removed, while others will dissolve on their own.

The doctor will also tell you when you can resume daily activities, such as bathing and physical activity.
As always, individual aftercare and recovery will vary per person.*

Otoplasty Candidacy

Otoplasty ear surgery is perfect for people who have:

In addition, Dr. Goldman performs Otoplasty on anyone who has sustained an ear injury or trauma during a traumatic event like a car wreck, dog bite, etc.

The cauliflower ear is another common injury corrected during Otoplasty. This injury is usually most prevalent in boxers, wrestlers, or mixed martial artists who wear headgear that permanently damages the ear, resulting in the “cauliflower ear.”


Otoplasty FAQs

Pain from Otoplasty is minimal. Typically, the worst pain felt is within 24 hours following the surgery. While predicting someone’s pain level is impossible, most people tolerate this ear surgery well with pain medication and time.

Ear reshaping or Otoplasty is considered very worth it by patients. According to a patient rating on RealSelf, real patients rate their ear surgery as 96% worth it.

In most cases, Otoplasty is not covered by insurance since it is an elective cosmetic surgery. However, insurance may cover a portion if the procedure is recommended to ease medical symptoms or if you are having surgery to correct an injury or trauma. It is always a good idea to speak with your surgeon before surgery to discuss your payment options, including the possibility of insurance coverage.
No. You cannot drive for up to 24 hours following your Otoplasty procedure. Dr. Goldman will tell you to have someone drive you home after your procedure and then plan to have medication or other recovery supplies delivered post-op if needed.
Anyone with a fully developed ear can have Otoplasty ear surgery performed. Some surgeons have worked on children as young as 4.

Experience Otoplasty Ear Surgery in Boulder, CO

If you want to learn more about Otoplasty and how it can correct your ears, contact expert surgeon Dr. Goldman at Boulder Valley Laser and Cosmetic to learn more. Call us now at 970-572-9674 to schedule your consultation.

“I am a long-standing patient of Doctor Goldman’s whom I first consulted for a facelift in 2012. Looking freshened and delighted with the results, I returned last year for another surgery which made how I looked match the way I felt. Before, during, and following both procedures Dr. Goldman was attentive, answered questions, and inquired about my comfort. Because of increased wrinkling around my lower face, last week I underwent the Ellacor procedure. Dr. Goldman continued to be his attentive and concerned self. I must add that his staff is delightful! “
– Aimee L.

“Dr. Goldman is great and has always gone above and beyond to take care of me! He’s got a great bedside manner and regularly checks in to make sure. I understand the treatment plan and don’t have additional questions. I’ve been very happy with Dr. Goldman and would 100% recommend him!

– Lauren C.
“I had a blepharoplasty done in early August by Dr. Goldman, and I am loving the result! I was nervous at first, but Dr. Goldman was patient and attentive, not to mention skilled at his job. The procedure went quickly and was painless. It took about three weeks for me to recover (puffy/swollen eyes and bruising) and for major differences to appear. I would stress that constant icing is critical in the initial healing process. It’s a process I readily recommend, and Dr. G is a pro!”
– Louise T.
“I have been coming to Boulder Valley Laser & Cosmetic for over 6 months now for lasers and love my experience here! The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly, I always feel taken care of. I can’t wait for my next treatment!”
Kyilee P.
Beautiful woman with flawless skin.

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*Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however, individual experiences may vary.

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